Jasmin Arensmeier

Wir unterstützen Jasmin im Management.

TEA&TWIGS is a blog focussing on lifestyle, mindfulness, fashion, beauty and video content. TEA&TWIGS was launched in 2006 by Jasmin Arensmeier who also worked as a managing editor for Vogue Online and different creative agencies in Germany. Since June 2015, Jasmin worked as a full- time blogger and freelancer in London, UK. She recently returned to Germany. The blog is also flanked by a YouTube Channel reaching more than 81.700 regular subscribers. Her first book was launched in March 2018 and is one of the bestselling books in Amazon’s creative department. Her third book was published in 2020.

Kontakt bei antischlager: Sofia Theodoridou, sofia@antischlager.de.

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